EagleClaw Midstream Steps Up During COVID-19 Pandemic

Houston, Texas, (August 3, 2020)

While every country in the world was challenged to address the complications from the COVID-19 pandemic, EagleClaw Midstream found ways to help out those less fortunate in its operational area of west Texas.

The first step was to keep its business running and people employed. Like other companies, EagleClaw Midstream reduced spending and asked its senior executives to take a pay cut. The company’s CEO and President, Jamie Welch, decided to forego taking his pay for the balance of 2020.

EagleClaw Midstream also stepped up to help out the community. Early into the pandemic as the monumental challenge of caring for many was beginning to be fully understood, EagleClaw Midstream provided $50,000 in funding for Midland area hospitals and emergency responders to purchase PPE and buy fuel to transport critically ill patients.

The company also stepped up in another way. Its employees participated in a fundraising effort with the West Texas Food Bank which provides basic nutrition to those in need in more than 34 counties in Texas. EagleClaw Midstream also donated monies to a food pantry in New Mexico where a number of its employees reside.

During its internal campaign, EagleClaw Midstream employees and company contribution combined to raise more than $33,500 to buy food for those who need it.

“We are a growing company, and we are trying our best to do our part in the community,” said Jamie Welch, President and CEO, EagleClaw Midstream.

Media Contacts
Jim Schwartz
Senior Director, Corporate Communications & Sustainability
832-571-7457 (mobile) or JSchwartz@EagleClawMidstream.com