• Total miles of natural gas pipeline: 550
  • Total miles of NGL pipeline: 73
  • Total field compression horsepower: 108,000
  • Total processing capacity: 720 MMcf/d

EagleClaw Midstream Ventures, LLC is the largest privately held midstream operator in the Southern Delaware Basin. EagleClaw owns and operates natural gas gathering and processing facilities located primarily in Reeves County, Texas. These facilities serve producers targeting stacked pay zones in the Delaware Basin, including the Upper and Middle Wolfcamp, Bone Spring and the Avalon Shale formations.

Toyah System

The system includes more than 185 miles of gas gathering pipeline; nine field compressor stations with a total of approximately 70,000 horsepower in low pressure compression; and 460 MMcf/d of cryogenic processing capacity at the East Toyah Natural Gas Processing Complex.

An 18-mile NGL line connects the East Toyah Processing Complex to Lone Star’s West Texas Gateway Pipeline, which transports NGLs to the market center at Mont Belvieu, Texas. The East Toyah complex also is connected to Kinder Morgan’s El Paso 1600 Pipeline, and additional connects into ONEOK’s WestTex Transmission System, an intrastate natural gas pipeline system that connects into the Roadrunner Gas Transmission Pipeline (“Roadrunner”). Phase One of the Roadrunner project is complete and currently serving markets in El Paso, Texas, and Mexico.

Pecos System

In August 2016 EagleClaw Midstream Ventures, LLC purchased PennTex Permian, LLC. The PennTex Permian assets (together known as the Pecos System) include a 260 MMcf/d cryogenic processing capacity, approximately 100 miles of gathering pipeline and seven field compressor stations.


EagleClaw has connected the Pecos system to its East Toyah System, bringing total processing capacity to 720 MMcf/d and total gathering pipeline to more than 550 miles served by 16 compressor stations and 81 compressor units with approximately 100,000 horsepower of low- and high-pressure compression. The combined systems are supported by customer dedications of more than 300,000 acres.

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